Hello readers,

It’s been a minute!  So last week I got really really sick.  High fevers and everything.  That put a wrench into my challenge, and forced me to do a few days of child’s pose and meditation (ok naps.  the meditation was naps).  I’m back on the wagon now!

Day 12,13, and 14:


Time: 30 minutes

Review:  I have done this three days in a row now.  The first and second day I did one circuit, today I did two.  I repeated this partly because it was pretty killer and I felt bad about missing some days.  I also repeated it because grad school has started, reading, work, and classes have taken over my life, and it actually does take time to find workouts that use no props on Pinterest!  I don’t have a jumprope, so instead of jump roping I just jumped.  I could probably buy a jump rope though. They probably have them at the dollar store.

Busily yours,




Time: It really was the length of one commercial break.

Review:  If you want to really get something out of this workout, do one circuit for every commercial break (especially difficult if your show is, for example, something like The Bachelor).

Speedily yours,




Time: About ten minutes, or two and a half Dada Life tracks.

Review:  I have weak arms.  This hurt.  Half way through I went to my knees, and for the last ten I moved to a table top and did them at an incline.  I seriously need to work on my push up power!  For the purpose of this challenge, I really wanted to limit myself to exercises that required no props (weights, yoga mats, stretch bands, etc.) but I found it pretty difficult to find an upper body workout that did not require some kind of weights.  This push up one is simple, though, and really great.  It definitely targets the whole upper arms and trap.  Add a plank for your core and I think we have a winner.



Time: I had enough time to do this before I got in the shower to get ready for work.  During this time I would normally be pressing snooze two times on my alarm clock.

Review:  Not being someone who knows a lot about crunches, I’m not sure I got the form right on some of these.  If I were to do this again, I would probably want to do some googling on proper crunch technique.  Other than that, It didn’t seem like too hard of a pill to swallow.

Going through these work outs that target muscle strength and that don’t have much of a cardio element to them makes me realize how much I enjoy getting my heart rate up. Without the cardio, the endorphins don’t really get there.  It makes these work outs a little boring.



Time: Yep.  8 minutes.

Review: Being my first week back working in preschool for the year, my back is already starting to ache from being hunched down with those little three year olds all day.  This workout was quick, and helped me chill out after week one of preschool boot camp.  I put on some chill out tunes (yep, spottily “Love Life. Love Yoga” genre), got out my mat, and went through these poses.  I added some chatarangas at the end and a few warrior ones, and it was really nice.  My back felt better too!

This week I plan on making sure to get that cardio in!

Sorely yours,


Pinterest workout  of the day:


Pinned from: Fit Sugar

Time: half of an episode of The Killing

Review:  This was a killer.  The first circuit was so easy, but about two minutes into the second circuit my legs were burning! The last plank was a doozy.  This is a super easy workout to do while watching T.V. and I memorized the sequence after the first run so I didn’t have to keep checking the web page.  I will say that using a timer and being aware of every second passing can make a minute feel like a very long time.

Not a bad sweat for 25 minutes of work!

Weak kneed-ly yours,



Work out from: Skinny Ms

It’s been a while since I’ve done a 30-day challenge, and I’ll be honest:  it was a little difficult getting myself out of my rut and into the “challenge mind set” so to speak.  I have to keep reminding myself a challenge is called a challenge for a reason.  Having said that,  this was so quick, and so easy to do.  I did the intermediate version (two circuits) but I really should have done three.  I definitely don’t consider myself to be in an advanced stage of physical fitness, so I was trying to be honest in my choice of which category to choose.

Even that 15 minutes or so of exercise made me feel great, though.  It is sometimes difficult to get out of the perfectionist zone of criticism and remind yourself that you don’t have to do a strenuous work out or nothing at all.  There is a huge spectrum of levels of activity, and let’s be serious, anything at all is better than nothing… right?

Moderately yours,


The long summer days of drinking on boats in the sunshine are slowing down, September is coming, and I’m left feeling a bit out of shape. Lately I’ve been wanting to get my body moving, and work on some
Cardio and strength training routines.

This morning as I was browsing Pinterest, I stumbled upon a TON of pins that have 10-30 minute workout routines that you can easily do at home. While October is often a month of 30-day Bikram yoga challenges for me, with my last year of grad school looming, I’m not sure dedicating what adds up to often over 2 hours a day is realistic for me. But these, these bite size chunks of easy to understand cardio and strength building routines, I can do.

So my new challenge is the 30-day Pinterest workout challenge. Here we go.

That’s the question, right?  When do you stop feeling like you might die?  Some of you may remember this post from a whole ago.  It refers to one of the things Bikram reportedly tells his students when he is teaching.  “Just try to kill yourself, honey,” he says.  The point is to encourage them: work as hard as you can, push yourself until you can’t push yourself any further, take a deep breath, push a little more, and then emerge from your practice stronger for it.  

Feeling like you’re going to die is a huge part of the reason why the heat is important in Bikram yoga.  The mental practice of pushing past those barriers we all have is one of the reasons why yoga is important to me, and it’s one of the main ways that my yoga practice carries over into my life outside of the studio.   Every time you work through a class where you think you might die, you are learning to silence the voice inside of you telling you you’re not tough enough, or strong enough, or good enough.  Learning how to silence those voices, helps place you on a path towards being the confident, strong, inspiring person that you are.

So keep going to class, keep feeling like you might die.  Just try to kill yourself, honey!

Pep talk over.