Today is day six and it’s not time to give up, but I really wish I could right now! My knees are really sore from yesterday, which hasn’t happened before, but maybe that’s because I held the one leg standing postures, in which case it probably is a good hurt. I don’t know enough about knee pain to tell the difference. I’ll go easy on them either way.

I’m feeling super tired and yucky because my blood sugar has been really high since last night. I probably shouldn’t be going today because I have a small amount of ketones, but I think it is a small enough amount that if I exercise and get my blood sugar down the ketones will go away.

I’m so tired. If I get there and can get through the class I’ll be happy, but I wish I had just bitten the bullet and gone this morning because if I had I would now be able to relax and get ready for semi and enjoy my Friday night.

On the bright side I think I figured out what has been causing my headaches! Caffeine withdrawal. I usually drink quite a bit of coffee each day, but since I’ve been doing this I haven’t really wanted coffee, just water and tea. I think I am going through coffee withdrawal and that is why I’ve had such a bad headache all week. It sucks because I can’t really fix it, but it’s good because it means it will go away on its own eventually.

Here’s hoping this class goes alright!