Here are a few quick notes as I wait for my nails to dry pre-semi:

I didn’t sweat very much today – a nice change from the last few days.  I wonder why that is?  I think I’m more hydrated than I have been.

I’ve been feeling a lot stronger in general lately, I think it’s because I’m getting some really good core strength that I’ve actually never had before.

I was super stiff in class today, and I am feeling a lot of pain in places that haven’t been sore before.  I’m really feeling a lot of discomfort  in my knees, shoulders, and upper back.  I’m not really sure whether the knee pain is good or bad pain, I don’t have enough experience with knee pain to tell!  I’m just taking it easy on the knees right now and seeing how it goes.  I really think it’s just the joints are a bit rusty and they are learning how to move again.

Also I wrote this morning about feeling tired and not so well.  I’m feeling super energetic now, and not sick at all.  My blood sugar came down to 165 (not perfect but better), and I am ketone free!  Let this be a reminder to me of how good yoga makes me feel – not matter what is wrong.

I hope tonight is fun and the alcohol isn’t too tempting… as you know it’s back again tomorrow…. for DAY 7!