So Jessica didn’t end up being able to come yesterday, but she is joining me today at 2:30. Oh Bikram’s I bring so much business to you!

Apparently at the Bikram’s headquarters where he owns the studio himself, the unlimited monthly costs $250.00 and he doesn’t pay his teachers! What a money making machine!

If he doesn’t pay his teachers why does the yoga cost so much??? I am such a Bikram’s yoga fan (obvi) but this seems a little sketch to me… it doesn’t exactly fit into my yoga ideals.. I thought 99 dollars was a lot! I guess I got lucky here! I wonder how much the classes in Seattle cost… I bet they are expensive because they are in Laurelhurst.

My knee is killing me because oh yeah I forgot to mention: I slipped on an icy road last night on the way to yoga and my already sore knees (well knee) got banged up. I think they will be ok but owww! I’m still having shoulder pain and back pain but it is definitely more along the lines of muscles being sore from working out. And everyone knows the only way to get rid of the lactic acid making your muscles sore is to work out more! Oh irony I love you.

I’m going to work on concentration today again because I have a lot on my mind today what with holiday dinner and all sorts of papers due etc. etc.

We’ll see how it all goes!