So I’m really excited to have made it 7 days in a row. This is the first milestone and it means I am a quarter of the way there!

One of my favourite instructors, and the one I actually took my first class ever from, Katie, was teaching class tonight and she’s been gone for quite a while so it was a nice treat to have her back.

I really wanted to maintain my concentration tonight and I think I was pretty successful. I did it by doing something I usually don’t do, which was just fully concentrate on what the teacher was saying. I listened to her voice and just let that be the only thing I thought of as I did exactly what she said. By doing this not only was I able to stay focused on my body, but I was also really able to push the postures because I was thinking about all the details.

There were a couple poses I thought were especially successful today. I did really well in standing bow today I was able to hold the second set for the whole time, and I was also able to go quite deeply into it which was great and it looked great in the mirror too. I also felt really good about half tortoise pose. I found that by pushing my knees together (of all things) I was able to get a much deeper stretch through the lower spinal area.

half tortoise - from

half tortoise - from

I’m really tired right now. I went to hang out with Joe and his friends and I thought it was about midnight and it was actually 1:30. I decided to go home and just leave Joe to chug his beer, I am really tired! I’ll probably have more to say tomorrow when I’m a little more awake.

I still have to give myself a reward for my 7 day milestone!

Go me!