When I began attending this class my nose used to run a lot.  It was pretty disgusting.  I think the body does some pretty disgusting things when it is adjusting to this activity and nose running is definitely one of them.  For those of you that aren’t quite sure what I’m talking about think of when you are eating hot soup and your nose runs from all the steam.  Now think about your face hovering over hot soup for 90 minutes.  Youre nose would run a lot right?

So anyway my nose ran a lot and I had to blow my nose like every other posture and it was gross and loud and annoying.  Since I’ve been taking class I still have to blow my nose but less and less often  and outside of class I am noticing some major differences.  My lungs are clearer than they have ever been before.  They are so open and accommodating of oxygen!  The only way I can really describe it is in this analogy:  when you come out of a really stuffy room into a cool comfortable open atmosphere, you breathe in, and you feel the cool air sliding down your throat – almost like drinking water when you are parched.  That is how every breath feels to me now all the time.  It’s a truly amazing feeling.

It is funny how practicing Bikram’s yoga, and getting so much out of it, makes you realize how much we are fighting against our own bodies every day.  I guess I didn’t know what I was missing until I found it again, but I can’t exactly describe in words just how much I’ve found so far.  You just have to try it yourself : )