Hi everyone,

So far, doing this challenge has taught me a lot of different things about myself, but most importantly it’s taught me that I have a lot of self determination, self control, will power, and personal strength. I’ve actually always thought I was kind of lazy. I really like to sleep in, I like junk food a lot, I’m a little messy (Joe would tell you “little” is an understatement). For the amount of food I eat I’m pretty sure I should be obese – but strong_woman1I’m not. It was almost to the point where I really didn’t think I could stop eating that candy bar or I really didn’t think it was possible to make myself wake up… so what’s one class missed? Of all the things Bikram’s yoga has taught me, the most important is that there are no excuses ever.

I now have faith in my own strength, faith in the fact that I can decide to do something and follow through no matter what. I’ve only made it nine days but already I feel like I have grown so much as an individual. So I was lying in bed last night making up new challenges I can make for myself. the 3 hour study challenge – where I will study for 3 hours every day no excuses; the pick up your clothes challenge – where I will always put away what I have on no excuses; or the no refined sugars challenge? The think about a challenge is it makes you continue when you would otherwise give up, it makes you do something even if you feel like you don’t have time, it doesn’t leave room for excuses or explanation because in the end you either did it or you didn’t. The simple yes or no answer will make you realize you can actually go places you didn’t think you could.

Yesterday I was in a huge rush, I had so much to do I didn’t think I could make it to yoga and get everything done. While it was a rush, and it got a little stressful late in the afternoon, I was able to do everything and I still fit in my yoga class. I wrote yesterday that it was a bad class for me, but looking back on it I’m proud of myself because so far that has been the most challenging day to attend class – and I mean to just get my ass into class – and I still did it. That means I haven’t failed yet.

Now today I feel a change in the air. I have a busy schedule ahead of me, but it’s one I made myself. Before these nine days began I never would schedule myself a busy day because I thought I didn’t like them. I think it was a lack of confidence that I could actually get everything done. Well now I know I will get more done because I’m not afraid to schedule it. I know I can do it.

I’ll write about how day nine goes tonight. We are all going at 7:45!