Today’s class was a good class.  It didn’t look pretty but it was good nonetheless.  I definitely worked really hard.

I went places I hadn’t gone before during half moon pose in the back bend.  I can definitely tell that my middle and upper spine are getting more flexible since I’m not letting myself collapse into my lower back flexibility anymore, and along with that my core is getting stronger, which allows me to support a deeper backward bend.  Also having Katie demonstrate the back band in the last class she taught helped because I could really see just how far you had to push your arms back and your stomach, chest, and hips forward.

I spoke last day of wanting to kick out during standing head to knee pose, and I did a little bit, but it is very hard for me to keep my standing knee locked and kick out simultaneously so I may not be completely ready to kick out yet.  I can kick out a tiny bit but remember:  a millimeter today a millimeter tomorrow.  Eventually I’ll get there.  One of the reasons the one leg balancing postures were so difficult for me today was that my ankles were really hurting.  I was talking to Jessica afterward and she was asking about  soreness and if it gets better.  I feel like the soreness for me has been really odd.  It has kind of moved upwards on my spine and down my legs.  So my lower back used to hurt, then my middle back hurt, now my shoulders, neck, and upper back hurt.  Similarly my knees were hurting, and now my calves and ankles hurt!  I’m hoping the soreness will eventually disappear mostly.  I do think most of the pain is good pain, strengthening pain, but today when I was doing one of the sit ups that we do between postures my back tugged a little bit and now my lower back hurts still.  I think I still can’t quite fully do the sit ups.  It’s just too risky for my back still and I think I need to build up some more core strength before doing the sit ups.

So in terms of breathing, I kept forgetting to breathe into the postures for the first part of the class!  It was like when I stopped thinking about breathing and started focusing on other things I forgot to breathe.  Then when I noticed myself having to release a gasp of air as I came out of postures, I realized I wasn’t breathing and I was able to correct it for the remainder of the series.

All in all I am feeling a little sore tonight but I think the class went well.  I came out of some postures a little early, and some of them I fell out of accidentally, but the time I did spend in the postures was very intense.  It was the type of intense where your muscles are shaking because you are working so hard, so I felt that even though I didn’t spend the full minute in a posture, the time I did spend in it was very well spent with 100% effort put in and that makes me feel successful.

I feel amazing right now despite the aches.  I have never felt better in my life.