So Yesterday I worked super hard and I may have worked too hard as it turns out because I am in serious pain today.  I could hardly do some of the postures in class tonight.  I guess it is because I tried to do the sit ups last class and just pushed my lower back too much.  I have to take it easy now for a bit which is annoying, but I talked to the teacher and she said the best way to get over it is to just keep coming to class.  Which means the challenge is still on!

On the bright side, I did feel a bit better towards the end of class.  It is this really odd burning type of pain that starts on the right side of my spine and wraps around to the from of my hip.  Some of the postures that especially hurt were half moon pose, standing separate leg head to knee pose, and sitting head to knee pose.  Ouch.  It was like tugging a knot apart except for the knot was my spine.

It sucks that I have to back pedal a bit but I think I learned a lesson here:  it really is the form that counts, the depth comes later and pushing it too hard it not a good thing.

I’m having one of those super busy days tomorrow so I’m going “early” in the morning so I have the rest of the day to focus on what needs to get done.  I’m doing 9:15 tomorrow and on Friday, and on Thursday I will probably do 6:00 again.  I don’t want to do too late when I’m doing an early class the next day.

I hope I’m not too sore tomorrow.  Joe and I decided we need to get a new mattress cover.  I’m tired of the springs digging into my back… especially now!