This post is a little different than usual. It was inspired by a quote on a friend’s facebook, and a conversation I had with a cousin of mine. I think it is so important that we take time in our lives to care for ourselves. It is easy to get caught up in other people, and assign value to ourselves based on others’ reactions to us. It is so valuable to remember that at the end of the day, we have to be our own personal advocates. In every area of life we have to advocate and care for ourselves.

One of the things one learns during the practice of yoga, is that with every moment comes a clean slate. Each second of your practice, and each second of your life, awards you the opportunity to start anew. The opportunity is always there, and it is within each of our power to grasp it whenever we so choose.

It’s easy to let decisions be made for you, it’s easy in life to be passive, but the truth is, if you want something you have to decide that you want it and then work for it. There is a quote that says something like “getting what you want is easy once you decide what that is.” Like deciding to hold a posture through to the end before you start it, you can’t do something unless you decide to do it.

Deciding to make a change in life is never easy, but it is important not to let others hold you back. Every moment is an opportunity to change your life for the better. The moment I decided to start doing Bikram Yoga I changed my life for the better. The moment I made the decision to attend UBC I made my life better. The moment of my initiation into Delta Gamma changed my life for the better. There are, of course, moments I regret, but ultimately I’ve made myself my priority in my life. If you aren’t your own priority, how can you expect to be anyone else’s?

Don’t make someone your priority, when you are only an option. Yoga is how I take care of myself, how do you make yourself a priority in your life?