Because I’m in a hurry this afternoon, here is a quick run down of how my week went: As Amanda said, the only thing that doesn’t hurt is my fingers. I am so sore, and that did not make last night’s run any easier.

Thursday’s run was probably more difficult than Tuesday’s. My muscles ached, I was absolutely exhausted, and I was feeling unmotivated. Thursday’s run was like the yoga classes I go to, where I think to myself, “I’m glad I made myself come here and do this, but god damn it this blows.” I didn’t feel particularly successful, or athletic, but I did have a chance to meditate on the positive aspects of running for exercise.

1. You can do it anytime, anywhere. I didn’t have to plan my day around my run. There was no getting on a bus to head to class, so it was easier to force myself to do it. I guess the word for it is concise. Running is concise.

2. It started raining, and I remembered how much I love being outside, exploring neighborhoods and hanging out with my dog, Lil.

3. I get to listen to my favourite tunes while doing it.

4. It is meditative in a different way than yoga.

I’m going to expand for a moment on #4. In my yoga classes, I become incredibly introspective, and philosophical. I think deeply about myself, my life, and my innermost workings. During my run, my mind is free to wander. It’s like putting my body on hold, and letting my mind work at whatever problem, victory, or issue that I want. Running is like venting to a friend, while yoga is like a good therapy session on a counsellor’s couch. Both are beneficial. I crave both.

I can’t say I am craving running yet, but as I explained there are aspects of it I find appealing. I’m actually not dreading my run on Sunday, although I am also thrilled that today is my rest day, and I don’t have to take an extra shower.

I am aware that this blog post is a bit disjointed, and not particularly eloquent, but bear with me. I’m tired… it’s been a long week.

Happy weekend!