I’m super excited to say, that Guide to Health Care Schools has recognized 30dayyogi as one of the Top 25 Best Bikram Yoga Blogs!!!

I’m always amazed when people take the time to tell me that what I write has affected them. I write about things that I find motivational and inspiring, and when that in turn inspires or motivates others, I feel fulfilled. Thanks for reading my blog, thanks for your comments, and support, and thanks to Guide to Health Care Schools, for finding me worthy of your article!

Just fyi, it is a small mention among a list of very talented bloggers, but I am still, nonetheless, grateful! Please check out the article, I will definitely be linking to a few of the other blogs mentioned; they are great.

Also, a quick plug for Albino Rhino, Brett Johnston. Have you guys checked out Brett’s super amazing rock climbing blog on my blogroll? You haven’t? Well you should probably get on that.

Gratefully yours,