This is a short post about balance. I had a thought in class the other day, that seemed worthy or sharing with you all. You may be aware that balance is something that is hit or miss for me. Some weeks I hold standing bow and standing head to knee pose like a pro. Other times, I can barely lift a toe without toppling.

It has recently occurred to me, that these balance issues are probably the result of a changing body. If you look way way waywayway back to my 30-day challenge, you can see that towards the end of the month, I had the most trouble with balance – I had lost about 15 pounds by then. I also noticed this week, as my level of strength is changing, and my muscles are changing in so many ways, I am also having an especially difficult time with balance.

It all became clear to me, in a moment of brilliant obviousness, that these balance issues are a result of my body changing, and my brain trying to catch up.

Obviously (and brilliantly) yours,