So this was dinner tonight.  I feel like I’ve definitely gotten better at whipping things together, which is way more my style (for better or for worse) than undertaking elaborate cooking projects.  I’ve been reading some fantastic blogs written by fantastic vegans lately, and while all of their cooking projects seem like the best idea in the world when I’m reading them on Sunday morning, in practice I’ve been getting home from work and really been too tired to attempt a culinary masterpiece.

That is most certainly not to say that I won’t be doing a lot of cooking this month, but it is nice to know that when I feel like something easy, I can get there without my default chicken breast and salad.

I bought some organic sprouted tofu last week, and I wanted to try it in something.  I happened to have tomatoes and kalamata olives (a fave ingredient of mine) in the fridge, and I picked up some spinach and pita bread (turns out my usual pita brand contains honey!  Surprising!).

First I sauteed the spinach just until it got soft in a little olive oil and garlic, then I added the chopped olives and tomatoes.  


Then I diced the tofu and I added that.

ImageI toasted the pita bread, spread the inside with just a smidge of hummus, and filled the pocket up with this delicious little greek inspired stir fry.

It was good, if a little salty.  Both my sous chef and I agreed that it could use a little textural variation.  Maybe some flax seeds sprinkled in there or some other sort of crunchy grain.  I don’t really know, because my culinary repertoire is fairly limited.  If you have any ideas then throw them at me!

It’s a work in progress, but I was satisfied with my efforts for the evening!