I was thinking the other day about my mental trajectory during a 90 minute Bikram’s yoga class. In the beginning, I am usually feeling a bit distracted, my mind wanders; this is the time when it is most difficult to focus on myself and my practice. It is hard to stay completely present. Inevitably though, as I continue to physically struggle in the postures, pushing myself to put forth my best effort, I get tired. As I get physically tired, my mind gets into gear, and I am able to really stay in a state of moving meditation.

Some days (especially Mondays) when I am really tired, I choose to skip my yoga class. In discovering this phenomenon, I may have to change that bad habit. Clearly being tired can improve my practice in some ways.

I have mentioned before that a major thing I have learned through practicing Bikram’s is how and when to push myself. One of my favorite Bikramisms is “if you can, you must.” I need to remind myself that even when I’m tired, I can make it through a class. I think this is another place where I can learn to push myself a little harder, and receive a lot of benefit in return.

Exhaustedly yours,