Hi Readers,

As I embark on this new 30-day Bikram challenge, I enter into new challenge territory: the group challenge.  Doing a 30-day challenge with a group of people will be very different for me, because (as you know) I always do challenges by myself.  Kaleesha and I did my last 30-day yoga challenge together, and it definitely changed things a bit, but we were still doing it kind of individually together.

At The Sweat Box, the rules of their challenge are as follows: do Bikram yoga at The Sweatbox for 30 days in a row.  2-a-days don’t count.  If you’re out of town, you can practice at a different studio.  The rules are basic, and black and white.  Just like in my first ever 30-day challenge, I will succeed or I wont.  This time, however; my name is on a wall in the studio and I will mark off the days of the challenge with a little shiny star sticker.  If there’s a sticker missing, I’m not just accountable to myself, I’m accountable to everyone who is working towards that 30-day goal.

When I started this blog, one of my reasons was to keep myself accountable for the goals I set.  I think it has been a strong source of motivation for me, but my readers, you, the people who I feel hold me to my word are all remote.  I don’t really know who reads this blog, so I do feel accountable but I don’t have to look you in the face if I fail.  My teachers and fellow students are people that I am familiar with in person.  In this challenge there will be a very different kind of accountability.

On a more positive note, I am anticipating that there will be a comfortable sense of community, and I hope that people will help each other stay motivated and stay positive.  I’m looking forward to experiencing this with my fellow yogis and yoginis.  It’s really nice to shake things up sometimes.

Communally yours,