I am officially finished with day 12 as of 6:30 pm this evening. I feel really great! There were a few days in there around seven and eight that I was just really feeling exhausted, but over the weekend things kind of started to turn around for me.

Overall I have found that since I have been doing so much yoga this year, I am noticing fewer monumental physical changes and breakthroughs, and instead this challenge has been much more of a mental journey for me. I have been having these moments of intense, all consuming clarity, especially after camel. It’s like I can almost see all these doors opening up in front of me, showing me which path to take in my life. In those moments the choices I should make are so obvious. Having the wherewithal to carry them out in real life, however, is a different thing.

In terms of where I am physically: I’m pretty tender. I especially am feeling soreness in the base of my neck, and in my shoulders. It doesn’t feel like a dangerous pain though, more like stiffness from working out. My lower back is hurting again. I’m struggling a little bit to know when to push through it and when to ease off. Last time it hurt like this I pushed through it and it was better than ever for some time.

I’ll leave you now with an a few bullet points:

1. I did toe stand!!!!!

2. Did you know there is a formula for how much water to drink? Divide you body weight in kilograms in half, and that is the number of ounces of water per day you should be drinking. I learned that at the Eating for Beginners lecture that I went to through The Sweatbox. It was a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to the next one, Detox: how and why?

Purely yours,