This challenge has definitely lived up to its name. As of today I’m 2/3 of the way there, but wow it has not been easy!

Among other things, I have lost a pair of yoga shorts (bringing my total pairs to 2) which maybe wouldn’t be a huge deal, except for the fact that I have also been down a washing machine. That means washing everything by hand nearly every day, including towels. That’s gross.

Last week, the seatbelt on the drivers side of my car decided it would be a good time to break. My dad was able to fix that for me over the weekend, luckily, because if it weren’t for people loving and supporting me very much (enough to drive me to the dentist at 6:45 am, drive me to work after that, pick me up from work, and drive me to yoga) I definitely might have missed a few days.

The cherry on top of the overwhelming cake? On Thursday I got sick, so I spent the weekend feeling bad, and most of yesterday and today on the phone with my doctors and or at the doctor. In fact as I write this, I am sitting at the drugstore waiting for my prescription to be filled. Whew.

I am not entirely sure what a health professional would say about going to Bikram yoga when you’re that sick, but I wanted to go and I went.

I am sincerely hoping that during the last bit of this challenge, my life settles down a bit. In spite of all that has gone wrong, I feel really accomplished thus far. It’s amazing how when you set an intention, despite all odds, one day at a time, you meet your goals.

I hope you’ll forgive my lack of updates lately!

Busily yours,