Last night Sweatbox Yoga got new floors.  I definitely wanted to be one of the first students to grace the not-carpet with my sweat, so I got up early and headed to the 10 AM.  I wasn’t the only one who felt like devirginizing the flotex this morning, the class was one of the busiest I have been to yet.  

A quick plug for the capeting: I did a little research, and it is pretty amazing stuff.  It’s waterproof, and according to the website, “cleans like vinyl but has the warmth of carpet.”  It is totally antimicrobial and anti-fungal, which is amazing in a place where people show up just to sweat. In actual use, it definitely lends a hand with foot slippage during some of the separate leg poses – especially trikanasana.  Yay for studio improvements!  I already think Sweatbox Yoga is the best, but the flotex carpet certainly doesn’t hurt!

The other day Bikram Butterflies liked my post, here, and I surfed on over to her blog to check it out.  Wow.  I have literally spent about an hour just devouring everything she has to say.  I can relate to almost every single experience she describes.  Bikram yoga, and yoga in general, is a really personal experience, and yet there are commonalities in the struggle.  It’s nice to know that other people have similar experiences, pains, triumphs, and both bad and good days.

Today I had quite a good class.  I felt very strong throughout the series, but I also had some unique sensations come over me that made me feel frightened and overwhelmed.   One in particular stands out, and that is something I felt in sasangasana (rabbit pose).  As I bent forward and pulled on my feet, I felt  my entire spine, from lower back to base of skull, surge in temperature.  It was like someone had inserted a heater right into my spinal cord and turned it on high.  I stayed with the posture, because for the first time ever, I could actually feel every single vertebra stretching along the entire length of my spine.  I wondered to myself if this is what it felt like to actually stretch the spinal cord?  As I returned to a seated position, and subsequently into savasana, the heat slowly slowly subsided.  I sat out the second set of the posture, because  I could still feel the heat up and down my back like a hot water bottle, and I was afraid that I had hurt myself.  The last of the warm sensation slowly drifted away though, and by about half and hour after class was over, there was nothing left.

I wonder what that was… and if it will come back tomorrow?

Warmly yours,