I finished my yoga class at 7:30 AM, showered, and hopped in the car to drive to work.  From my yoga studio, I get on I-5 and take it all the way to work.  It has become one of my favourite parts of going to morning yoga classes.

When I do yoga in the morning, even when it is a hard class, I am left with this sense of calm happiness.  It starts as a little bounce in my step as I walk out of the studio into the calm crisp mornings of this early spring.  It spreads to my face when I can’t help but grin at everyone I see.  It leaks into my voice when I’m working with my students, magically helping them to be calm too.  Every now and then, when I’m really lucky, it strikes with full force.  A shot of joy to the chest.  This morning I happened to be so lucky.

I was driving in my car, listening to this amazing song by Daughter.  I looked out my window at the gorgeous view of Puget Sound, I cracked the window and breathed the fresh air.  The light was that soft, lovely kind of morning light – very slightly purplish, blue sky, wisps of cloud, and shimmering water.

It was a perfect moment.  I had a moment of perfect joy.  It was made even more special in the knowledge that I created that joy.  I worked to create this space of peacefulness that I now possess.  No matter what is happening around me, I have the ability to create for myself a moment of joy.

Can I get a namaste?