My hamstrings have finally finally been getting more flexible.  Mostly I’m super stoked about this.  In the not-so-distant past I thought I would literally never be able to lock my knees in any of the stretching postures, and now I may not be locking my knees, but my legs are straight in the seated stretching pose at the end, and even in the stretching part of half moon with stretching, there is a glimmer of hope that one day I’ll get my knees locked and magically morph into a japanese ham sandwich.

What I didn’t realize, was that this added flexibility would really effect the amount of strength I need in my legs to sustain a locked knee posture.  Standing Head to Knee, for example.  Wow.  My knee does not want to stay locked in this one!  And standing bow… again.  Seriously knees? I am trying to see it as progress.  Two steps forward one step back and all that jazz.

What I’m realizing is that this yoga is really truly an exercise in patience. It isn’t about how far I’m going in class each day.  It is about taking each day, each moment, each posture as it comes.  Danny, at my old studio in Vancouver, used to say: “a millimeter today, a millimeter tomorrow, and eventually you’ll get there.”  When I really think about it, my long term goals in fact have nothing at all to do with depth of posture.  They have to do with mental well being, physical well being, self esteem, letting go of ego, and developing patience, compassion, and respect.  For myself and for everyone else.

I have been having a terrible time at work with my little kiddos.  I don’t know if it’s me or them… maybe we all have spring fever and are super wonky due to the Super Moon astrological phenomena currently taking place.  I have really been trying to take the time in my classes, especially in my morning classes before the day begins, to meditate on patience, respect, and compassion.  That is really the key combination that can make all of our lives easier.  It is amazing how focusing on those three components in the morning can help my day go more smoothly.

I still have days where I come home and cry a little bit though.  I am going to try tomorrow to leave my expectations outside on the way to get the babies off the school bus.  I am going to try to stay present.  I am going to try to stay comfortable in uncomfortable situations.  I am going to try – very very very hard – to bring my yoga with me to work. Because the kids, my coworkers, and I all deserve that effort.

Sullenly (but hopefully) yours,