I did it.  I made the jump.  I no longer take daily injections, I made the switch to an insulin pump.

I chose the Omnipod, which is a disposable pump without tubing.  It’s controlled by a blood sugar meter/ remote control device.  I thought that it would be a better fit for my lifestyle than a pump with tubes… I’m not sure if I’m right yet.

I was so excited when I left my doctors office after she helped me get set up.  I felt just like I did when I got my ears pierced in elementary school – wearing something that made me feel proud, and grown up, and profoundly different for indescribable reasons.  I drove home, got out of my car, and immediately felt a painful tug on my hip.  I had just ripped the pump off my body for the first of many times.  My heart sunk… was this what it would be like?  Constantly having to watch out for this little life saving device?  Having to ease myself in and out of cars and chairs and beds like an invalid?  How would I do yoga?  Sail? Keep working around little grabby-handed toddlers??

One of my main concerns with the insulin pump, was how it would affect my activities, especially yoga.  I have been skipping yoga a lot lately, so I have really only been to one class with the insulin pump so far.  I am happy to report that I really didn’t notice it a lot during class.  I am able to wear it many different places; my abdomen, lower back/ upper hip area, arms, and legs.  I’ve tried my hips, stomach, and right now I have it on my arm.  The one thing I have struggled with in yoga class, is when I have to lie directly on top of the pump.  When I took my class I was wearing it on my stomach, so, I had to figure out how to distribute my weight more comfortably during the first part of the floor series.  The one pose I just gave up on was locust pose.  Because of the way you have to position your arms under your body, I ended up having to put direct pressure on my infusion site from the side, which I thought would probably have torn the pump off (something that happened getting in and out of the car several times!).  

I really think I will be able to figure out things that work for me.  When I sail, I have been wearing an ace bandage around the pump, and that has prevented me from hitting it on a lifeline, shroud, or  stanchion (I was having trouble with that at first too.

I knew going into this that it would be an adjustment for me, and I know I have to continue to just work through these fairly minor hiccups.  The slight soreness from wearing the pump, the awkward questions about what is on me, and working around it in yoga class, I will get accustomed to those things in time.  

insulinfully yours,


Pictures: One just the pump, and one with the ace bandage covering it. Not too bad huh?