Lately I’ve been feeling the need to make a change. I’ve been avoiding commitment for so long, but I think I might finally be in a place in my life where I’m ready to put in the extra work to have something truly special. I want to cut some bangs.

For many women, this wouldn’t be such a huge decision. You go to the salon, or you lean over the sink with your kitchen shears, and you snip snip snip. Done. You may have a minor issue with beach hair or bed head, but most of the time it’s a quick style and go look that can add some serious attitude to your every day attire. Not for me! Bikram yoga sisters, am I right?

My daily routine is something like get up, go to yoga, shower at the studio, towel dry hair, and go to work. No make up. No blow dryers. Often times not even a brush out! (I know it’s bad … I rock a wet bun most days).

My studio does have a hair dryer that we can use, but I’m not sure if have time to get coffee if I added on the few minutes to dry my bangs, and even if that somehow worked, what about the other activities I do? Sailing doesn’t exactly lend itself to delicately wind tousled locks, and winter hiking hat hair? No thanks. So what’s an active, fringe-loving girl to do? Must I resign myself to lusting after Zooey Deschanel’s look forever?

I guess I could compromise and try out some longer side bangs. But first things first: test out some headbands. If I’m going to be in that hot room with bangs, I’m going to bring a strategy to keep them right out of my face too. So let the testing begin. First up: the lulu lemon swiftly headband I already own that one so its a good one to start with!

Hot yoginis, what do you do with your do?

Frizzily yours,