Hello readers,

It’s been a minute!  So last week I got really really sick.  High fevers and everything.  That put a wrench into my challenge, and forced me to do a few days of child’s pose and meditation (ok naps.  the meditation was naps).  I’m back on the wagon now!

Day 12,13, and 14:


Time: 30 minutes

Review:  I have done this three days in a row now.  The first and second day I did one circuit, today I did two.  I repeated this partly because it was pretty killer and I felt bad about missing some days.  I also repeated it because grad school has started, reading, work, and classes have taken over my life, and it actually does take time to find workouts that use no props on Pinterest!  I don’t have a jumprope, so instead of jump roping I just jumped.  I could probably buy a jump rope though. They probably have them at the dollar store.

Busily yours,