There have bee very few things I have missed about Facebook over the past three weeks. I feel much less burdened by social pressures that come along with seeing what everyone is doing. I experience less feeling left out when I see what my friends who live far away are up to. I’m spending so much less energy on thinking about other people, which has left me with more time to read, spend time with people who are actually around me, and just generally be a productive person.

The things I have missed so far? The constant exchange of cultural information, the ability to gather opinions quickly about current events or other important issues, and the sharing of joys and sorrows via status update. I missed reading about the reactions to the Canuck’s Stanley Cup loss, for example. I missed the usual and fun fourth of July exclamations.

I will be looking forward to returning to Facebook on the 12th, but I also hope that I will start using it differently. I hope that I will be able to take the parts that I like, and avoid the time suck that it can become.

Remotely yours,


I heard the tinkling music box sound of the ice-cream truck today, and reflexively began composing a status update about how happy I was to be experiencing the first signs of summer. Then I stopped, remembered I would be doing nothing of the sort for 27 more days, and just enjoyed. I enjoyed the sounds of the ice-cream truck bringing back memories from childhood, I enjoyed the snoring of my dog next to me on my bed, the slight breeze coming through the open window, and the sunlight glinting off a frame on the wall. Drawing myself out of the virtual world, and allowing myself to be in the moment was delicious.

It is definitely getting easier to avoid. I did go on Facebook momentarily to correct my last update – I had written the wrong url for my blog!! But I only went on for a moment, fixed that little thing, and got right back off. I know it’s technically cheating. I’m forgiving myself this one mess up.

Today, I really haven’t even wanted Facebook time. I spent my day with my dog, then helping a friend with his grad school application, and that was nice. My one problem is that I need to message another friend about an issue she is having – and I don’t have her e-mail! How frustrating to have relied on Facebook, which really seems so flimsy, to the point where I don’t even have an actual e-mail!

Oh well – my strategy is to try to get it from another mutual friend.

Non-technically yours,