But it really should be!  Joe has been working out a lot lately, but with everything else going on in my life I have let yoga taper off a bit.  I have started to forget what I learned during my challenge, and that is that there are no excuses ever (reference basically every day 1-30 post for more info).  I know it makes me feel better about my body, it makes my mind calmer, it makes me a better person.  period. Lately, however, I have been allowing myself to slide down the slippery slope of laziness, and  so I thought to myself “well maybe I don’t have 1 1/2 hours for a yoga class, but I can do a 30 minute work out at the gym with Joe!”

So I put on my work out clothes, walk the block to the gym, pay my 5$ for a drop in, and as I walk out of the smelly locker room into the chaos that is machinery… the hamster wheel – like tread mills and elliptical machines I remember how much I HATE the gym.

I know some people thrive on that chaos.  It gets them pumped up and motivated.  For me it was slightly traumatic.  Going to a place like that actually makes me feel worse about myself.  It makes me want to go home , wrap myself in a blanket, and eat a bag of chips… or a brownie.  My comfort zone consists of order, calmness, zen.  The gym is not zen.  On top of that it is so so so ****ing booooring!  (There’s a four letter word for you!).

Yoga suits me because it is a perfect balance of challenging and soothing, it takes focus, builds self confidence, and increases health and quality of life.  I guess it took cheating to bring me back to my one true love.

I’m going to yoga tomorrow with or without a yoga buddy.  I need to do it for myself, and going to the g** made me realize that.