I’ve always judged the girls that go braless in yoga class.  This isn’t just any yoga, ladies, we sweat here.  You may as well be entering a wet t-shirt contest, because I can see your everything.  Bellybutton, top of the shorts, and nipples to boot.  How embarrassing for you!  How hard is it to wear a bra?  

I learned a tough lesson this week.  Rushing out the door one morning, I neglected to grab a sports bra off the clothesline.  I figured that since I was wearing a pretty thick, brightly colored yoga shirt, it probably wouldn’t matter.  I imagined I might be a little more exposed than usual, but I never thought that I would soon be bearing my body to the world (or at least the sweat box).

Just a few postures in, I realized what was happening to my shirt.  I panicked at first.  “I have to leave!” I thought.  But then I reconsidered (“fuck it.”)  Because you know what?  So much of yoga for me is blocking out distractions.  Maintaining my focus, and being comfortable in uncomfortable situations. Yes, this was very uncomfortable for me.  I was sure I was being judged, stared at, and probably whispered about after class.  Now I’m sure I wasn’t.  Everyone has their own thing going on.  That might be a see-through shirt, or it might be a break up, or it might be a party they’re going to rock later.  Who knows.

Yoga requires you to maintain a funny balance between staying in and out of your own head at the same time.  For me, with my shirt betraying me like it did, I had to pick other things to focus on.  Even though in every posture I desperately wanted to check out my rack to see what everyone else could see, I knew I had to think about other things: locking my knee, twisting my upper body back at the end, coming out of this or that posture with a straight spine.  I had to shift my focus from the big picture to the small details.

I will never judge another no-bra girl again… and I’ll never be one again either.  I put an emergency sports bra in my trunk.

Nakedly yours,