So on Wednesday I went to the gym.

I’m going to let you process that for a minute…


Those of you who follow this know what a big deal it is that I went, because in the past, I have been the first to say how much the gym sucks. The thing is, it has been snowing here in Seattle. Snow derails my (already mediocre) ability to run outside.

When my dad and sister said they were going to the gym, I decided to go along. I bought a ten visit card for $10 at Prorobics, which is a lovely facility just West of Laurelhurst (all of my $10 went to Children’s Hospital btw!). Truth be told, I could not bring myself to run on the treadmill. I had every intention of doing so, but when I walked into the room, I couldn’t. Running makes me feel a little self-conscious to begin with. The treadmills, shiny and metal, computer screens flashing, were all lined up in the very front row of the gym. They placed the machines, strategically it seemed, right below the televisions where the other patrons glued their eyes. No way was I going to turn my pathetic jog into a performance art. No way, no how. So I grabbed a copy of Vogue, chose an elliptical machine, furtively entered my weight, and pressed the button for cardio workout. Easy as pie.

The workout zoomed by, and I stayed warm doing it.

The thing about training for something is, the day of reckoning is going to come whether I am ready or not, and I want to be ready. I want to say I did my best, and I want to be able to run that whole entire 8K. Run, do you hear me? Not walk. So since I’m going to have to find a way to train, whether it’s snowing or raining, or 90 degrees, I’m going to have to make peace with the gym. I’ll have to get brave enough to try the treadmill too, but I think for now I’ll be proud of myself for just going. My plan is to try the treadmill and get comfortable on it at a time when the gym is not busy, that way I won’t feel like a stand-up comedian with a tough crowd.

What is your favourite piece of gym equipment?