In the video on my introduction post, they call the yoga room “Bikram’s torture chamber,” but, although it was a struggle to adjust my first few classes, it is now not quite so bothersome as to call it torture. In fact, the heat is the basis of the important and unique benefits of Bikram’s yoga.

Among other things, the heat:

– causes you to sweat ( a LOT) causing your system to detoxify

– causes an increased blood flow throughout the body which oxygenates the muscles, and other tissues of the body, and promotes more effective waste removal

– like heating metal before you are able to mold it, the heat increases your ability to restructure and reshape the body, and allows you to move deeper into poses which helps you get more benefit!

-The increased blood flow also improves neurotransmitter function, improving your mental alertness, reflexes, and motor neuron function.

-The heat increases the metabolism, allowing the body to burn more fat.

fun fact: In a one hour class you burn 750-1000 calories depending on effort and body size


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